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Newman Center Stained Glass Windows

James McCrery visited Munich this week to view the stained glass windows for the Newman Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. James was able to see the talented artisans from Mayer Munich hard at work, and had the opportunity to learn about all the steps needed to complete one of these finished pieces. Check out the attached photos to see some of work taking place.

Newman Center Bell Tower is Up

Check out these new photos by Clark Architects from Lincoln, Nebraska of the Newman Center under construction.  In these photos, one can start to understand the relationship of this building to its neighbors in terms of scale, and the way in which the bell tower will signify that this building is a special place.

Newman Center Construction Update

Clark Architects Collaborative has been sharing images with us of the Newman Center currently underway in Lincoln, Nebraska.  In these photos you can see the concrete stair towers and the formwork for the lower level.

Newman Center Bell Casting!

Tune in Monday, January 27th at 2pm Eastern to see the bronze bells for the future bell tower being cast LIVE!

[update] Photos are up of both the casting and of the molds being broken open!

[update] The bells are complete, and, after a blessing by the bishop, have been installed in the bell tower

Newman Center Altar Restoration

The Newman Center Altar is nearing completion at Gold Leaf Studios. Check out our gallery of images showing the way that a collaborative approach between architect, client, and craftsman can produce an amazing product. Great work everyone!

Lincoln, Nebraska Newman Center Site Visit

McCrery Architects was happy to see progress at the Saint Francis Chapel in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Check out photos of the site to see the project footprint and the new geothermal heating system going in.  

Demoltion for the Newman Center in Lincoln, Nebraska Begins

Construction has begun of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Lincoln, Nebraska.  McCrery Architects was excited to partner with Clark Architects Collaborative in realizing this project, which will be completed in 2014. Check out the Gallery showing demolition underway of the existing facilities.

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