Monthly Archives: February 2015

Newman Center Organ Construction

Clark Architects has shared with us a video of construction of the new organ for the Newman Center Chapel at the University of Nebraska. The organ is being fabricated by Bedient Pipe Organ, a company out of Roca, Nebraska.

Ceiling Painting at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

Bazan Painting Company has been working in Kenrick-Glennon Seminary doing decorative painting on the ceiling of the chapel and we have been very pleased with the recent photos they and Father Schumer have shared with us.

In the tradition of the great Catholic Cathedrals, our scheme for the decorative painting reflects the perfected heavenly realm. The stars are arranged geometrically rather than as a random pattern of nature, with painted rays emerging from the painted cornice below.

New Liturgical Movement

A diary of projects currently under construction

Diary of a Parish Priest

A diary of projects currently under construction