Check Out the Newman Center Exterior Brick

Brick Pattern

First the brick pattern and mortar was selected.  The combination of a visually interesting ‘ashlar’ pattern and a unique blend of brick colors, sizes, and textures will invite and reward close inspection by passersby.


The first brick to go up was the facade on the north side of the building.  This gave the contractor an opportunity to be certain of the bricklaying method and the pattern of bricks before moving on to the other, principal building facades.


Here you can see brick facade just starting to be laid on the tower.  The scaffolding will move up one row of brick at a time to keep up with what the masons are working on, allowing work to move quickly.

brick tower

Here you can see the brick tower almost complete.  From here it is on to the rest of the building.

New Liturgical Movement

A diary of projects currently under construction

Diary of a Parish Priest

A diary of projects currently under construction

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